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Emerging From The Shadows

Voiceless, speechless, have no breath left

Because in what I've found love others found death

Because my existence is either actively fought against or fetishized


People like me are taught to hide

Taught they would be better off to die

Religion to those deemed different is weaponized


Fought to the bone and left bare and exposed

To be invalidated and suppressed at every turn

Taught we are filth and scum of the earth

Yet I'm still hopeful through all the shame

I believe I'm of worth


Someday despite all the surrounding hate

With all its unbearable and to some even deadly weight

I hope my community becomes one of love

Where people like me aren't so disposable 

as if they're treated better off being rid of

Amethyst is a Coptic queer young adult who uses writing

and singing to embrace themselves and heal from the world.

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