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Conceited Happiness

It hits you with the magnitude of a sledge hammer

And for a second, the world stops spinning

You come to realize just how beautiful your surroundings are

And as you blast your happy-go-lucky music

Oblivion runs free in that beautiful mind of yours


Shortly after, the second wave hits…

It hits much harder than the first

You’re left with nothing but sadness and paranoia

Because this world you’re in is a figment of imagination

And you’re all alone in it, with no one to love


The third wave strikes, you start to drown

A squid swims by and squirts ink into your eye

You cry rivers of tar, but they can’t be seen

You gasp for air, but your lungs are filled with water

Overwhelmed by the inner depths of your subconscious


Throw up, drink water, go to sleep

Wake up, drink water, and repeat

A Parent's Love

You and I, we are one in the same,

Despite our differences my love for you is a flame.

Loving you can be trying at times,

It is like the bittersweetness of a hundred limes.


Your existence created mine,

Passionate and caring your love is truly divine.

The wrath of your fury is intense,

However your heart is undeniably immense.


We often fail to see eye to eye,

Resulting in arguments that leave me sour and dry.

Sometimes I wish I could say goodbye,

But I know that I cannot because our love would die.


Intentions are like roses and thorns,

Beautiful and fragrant, they wilt soon after they’re born.

Still, I accept to wear them for your sake,

Thorns pierce my heart, my blood pools until it forms a lake.


Your refusal is cruel and unfair,

I work hard to honor you because I truly care.

This one part of me you can’t forget,

Confiding in you will always be my one regret.


Change in me is quite impossible,

Denial lives in your heart, it is responsible.

I dream that one day you’ll come around,

Because I am in shackles and to you I am bound.

Anonymous S. is a Coptic teen who writes as a way to express themself and explore uneasy relationships between children and their parents. 

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