Title Queerdemon

Art Direction Nasseem Sadek

Model Nasseem Sadek

Photography Apex Studios

Nasseem Sadek is a nonbinary, transmasculine, pansexual, biracial Coptic-American based in Atlanta. They have had their poetry featured in the podcast Diaspora Babes, as well as being published in the GT Literary Magazine. The androgyne symbol on their left wrist is combined with an ankh, representing the erased queerness of our indigenous ancestors. This symbol is a direct response to the Coptic cross, traditionally tattooed on the right wrist, and the homophobia propagated by the church.

This photo series embraces the demonization of queerness within Egyptian culture. Nasseem, whose dysphoria is more social than body-related, openly displays both masculine and feminine features, leaving the viewer to make sense of their ambiguous gender.

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