Parents and Friends of Coptic Queers (PFCQ) is a forum for parents and allies of Coptic queers to meet, share, vocalize, and process their lived experiences with the support of a non-judgemental community. The purpose of the group is to come together to share your experiences, resources, and tips in order to heal, support, and uplift each other and the lives of Coptic queers. In addition to peer-support, this is a forum for organizing, advocacy, and research. 


Mission: Parents and Friends of Coptic Queers (PFCQ) mission is to build a support network of parents and allies of Coptic queers through peer-support, education, advocacy, organizing, and resource exchange. As a branch of Coptic Queer Stories, PFCQ aims to broaden the notion of Coptic identity. 

Expectations and Goals: This space is not about finding solutions, or deciphering what is moral. Participants of PFCQ are expected to engage in respectful conversations and initiatives that encourage us to sit with, hold, and respect each member. Hateful language will not be tolerated.

Upcoming Events
PFCQ Meeting; Community Building
Sat, Sep 12
Online Event
Sep 12, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM PDT
Online Event
Let's get to know each other and build as parents and friends of Coptic queers.
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